Tuesday, November 1

Halloween leftovers and Tangerine roommate dinner

Here are a few more Halloween costumes of my friends plus friends of theirs. No more after this, promise. Nick makes a spectacular Edward, doesn't he?
Lisa's the sweetest looking pirate I know. And she has good booty. Argh! Also, Pixel the bat is way better than any "Polly want a cracker" parrot!I love Lis and Nick, but I have to say they make an odd-looking couple...Speaking of odd-looking couples, I'm afraid Superman is looking awfully chummy with this girl scout. I sure hope he's just saving her. Ha! Frank's "flying" tie is the best, and those knee-highs on Kat? I'd give up Lana for that too. (Or Lois?)I think these garden gnomes are actual, full-sized human beings, but I'm having a hard time believing it.Margie and company were truly incredible; they look like they popped right out of The Incredibles onto the streets of New York. Lee, Chenja and DLao decided to dress up as a Happy Meal.
Just kidding! This is actually Lisa's pumpkin entry for her contest at work. Really and truly. Crazy, huh? I hope she wins.

Claudia and Tommy had their own home pumpkin carving contest.
Here is Claude's.Here is Tommy's. What's your vote?

I just got back from another roommate dinner. This time we went to Tangerine - yum! They have all these special nights, like half off wine or beer one night and some other free thing another night. I can't remember most of them, but on Tuesdays, they give 20% off dinner. It isn't very expensive in the first place, so this is a really great deal. And the food is good, with huge servings.

Each roommate is allowed to bring a plus one. That's usually a significant other or someone who's gotten to know the roommates well enough to be a virtual sig other. At this point, my roommates automatically include Lee. Court brought a new v sig o tonight. I didn't have my camera on me, so I had to settle for my camera phone. Welcome, Jake!

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