Monday, October 31

Boo from before

I was sick of being sick, and I was all ready to party it up tonight! I know a lot of girls use this holiday as their excuse to skank out, but I still wasn't 100%, so I wasn't willing to risk making myself even sicker. I was maybe 92%, so I wanted to stay fully clothed. I actually thought of layering up all my baggy clothes, donning my biggest pair of sunglasses and grabbing a vente cup from Starbucks in one hand, with a cigarette in the other, to transform myself into Mary Kate Olsen... and a half. "Fat" MK?

I decided instead to cop out (har dee har) and just borrow this policeman hat from Courtney. Chenja kindly offered me her cow suit. That, too, would have been udder-ly adorable. Or gross. Chenja, why are you holding those like that?!??In the end, I didn't dress up at all. I was hoping to get some good pictures in the Castro, but I'll just have to share some borrowed or old pics instead. Here's Pixel, my "gay" Boston terrier nephew, as Jennifer Beals from Flashdance. He's a maniac! This is not a costume, just Pixel as a puppy. This is TOO cute; it needed to be posted.
On the east side, Taer took these photos for me. Dorothy, and her lil bro... ... the cowardly lion! "Put 'em up!" Oh, they're so adorable, I just want to bite them!
Dracula, Queen Amidala, Little Red Riding Ho - yes, I said Ho - from 2 years ago. I was wearing fishnets and knee-high boots. Yes, I can ho down too.Prince Charming (or the Imperial Margarine guy?) and Snow White, also from 2 years ago. One more of Pat Benatar (that was Lisa's other name for this costume), for good measure.
If I get my hands on any other good shots, I'll share those too. Until then, Happy Halloween! Boo... ya!

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Parisjasmal said...

I love Pixle! or is it Pixel?
Happy Halloween!