Tuesday, February 13

The definition of accumulation

I HAVE BEEN A BAD, BAD BLOGGER! Naughty, naughty me. I deserve a spanking for how bad I've been at updating my friends on my life, and I hope anyone who has cared enough to tell me they miss my posts will forgive me. There have been a LOT of things keeping me busy, including the wedding planning - eek - and house renovating, just to name a couple.

Anyway, excuses aside, in my first post "back," I'd like to share one of my most exciting recent endeavors...

We designed and organized our master bedroom closet(s) thanks to The Container Store! And as you can see by our ORANGE closet doors and trim, PAINTING is next on our priority list. (The opposite wall is a bright, electric blue. But that's a whole other story.) Anyway, we measured and entered our measurements online and tweaked our plans before heading to the store on what we thought was the last day of their annual 30% elfa sale. The good news for anyone else out there hoping to organize their living spaces is that the sale has been extended to this Monday, Presidents' Day!
I never thought I'd be so excited about a friggin closet (outside of getting my hands on the goodies in SJP's closet).

But I am.

Does that make me old? I'd like to think I'm simply a domestic diva now.

Anyway, I've also been LEARNING a lot this winter, my first as an east coaster. After my last first snow, I excitedly told anyone around me, "I've never seen snow just falling like this! I only see it when I go snowboarding in Tahoe, and it's already on the ground. I've never slept with 'normal' roads to wake up to whiteness around me. And sometimes it melts away to nothing; and other times it doesn't. It's so cool!"

People looked at me like I was five years old, and they amusedly replied, "Oh, you mean accumulation?" Oh, so that's what it's called. That's what I feel like has been going on with my life too. But I'm ready to sweep away all the stuff and to get back on track with my normal life (whatever that may be).

I also learned about sleet today. It sounds like hail, but it looks like snow. People may try to correct me, but that's how I'm defining it for now. All I know is, it's my friend for now because it gave the government agencies a SNOW DAY off of work as of the afternoon, which meant I couldn't possibly call on any of my customers. Not that I didn't want to work. But this was what I didn't get as a Californian. I feel like a kid all over again.

One other thing I've been meaning and meaning to post about is my best friend's experience with a bad, bad company. Cherrytree.com treated her WRONG, and I need to share the badness! My dear friend bought a present from this company, specifically asking if the package would get to its destination in time for a birthday. They promised it would... and it did not.

After t called several times to figure out what was going on, the condescending worker eventually replied, "This IS the United States Postal Service we are dealing with."

That is NOT good customer service, and that is NOT the way to deal with anyone! A promise is a promise, and an apology should have been at hand. I can deal with small stores, and I appreciate mom and pop places, but I do NOT stand for bad service and unmet promises.

So that's that for now. I promise to be better, even if it's just a bit at a time. I hope all is well!