Tuesday, October 17

My favorite celebrity sighting

I got to spend yet another fabulous weekend in New York. I just can't seem to get enough of the city that never sleeps! And I also can't seem to avoid some kind of celebrity-related encounter during my travels lately. My FAVORITE one yet (well, sort of... and you'll soon see what I mean by that) happened on Saturday.

I was enjoying a sweet afternoon snacky snack with the girls, when a random guy snuck up behind Kat and tapped her on the shoulder. "Excuse me," he shyly inquired. "Can I ask you a question?"

I was wondering if he was going to hit on her, but that didn't quite seem to be his intent. He continued his quest bravely, "Are you on tv?"

Camilla and I both erupted in giggles, and we absolutely couldn't stop laughing! I'm pretty sure one of us even snorted - and it wasn't pretty! Before I continue, I think I'll have to share a picture of our beloved Kat and ask: Does she remind you of anyone?

So... someone famous, perhaps? Someone with gorgeous curly locks who was a great actress in a few movies before being cast in a hugely popular TV show? In fact, I think it might be THE most popular television show right now. If you need a few more hints, just tilt your head. Tilt it a little more til it's all the way Sideways. And then shed a little more light this way. Maybe get under some sunlight. Maybe some Tuscan Sun...

Alright, if you guessed Sandra Oh, then you win a gold star and a cupcake! Here's a photo of her to refresh your memory if you need it. I know you just scrolled up to look at Kat again, and then down for Sandra Oh, and then back up again for another peek. Go ahead. This is definitely NOT one of those "Asians look alike" things. I think they may have been separated at birth. Kat seems to be sick of hearing it, and she's going to hate me for this, but oh well! Sorry, Kat, but here are a few more pictures for every one's viewing pleasure.

Kat just answered calmly, "No, I'm not on tv."

"You're not on Grey's Anatomy?"

"No, that's not me."

"Well..." With camera in hand, the 'fan' simply asked, "Can I take a picture with you anyway?"

The fact that he STILL wanted to snap a shot with her got us rolling even harder; but Kat was a great sport about it all and posed like the true celebrity she was at that moment.

I would SO milk that if I were her! I think the next time I go out to dinner with Kat, I'll put the reservation under "Sandra Oh" and ask for the best table in the house.

I hope neither of them gets angry at me for this post - mad Kat is scary, but mad Kat morphed with mad Sandra is downright scuurrry!


Anonymous said...

THIS IS BRILLIANT!!! Great photos! We need to get this out to the public somehow! AND more importantly, we need to make Kat abuse this semi-celebrity-ness and milk it for all it's worth! :)

Anonymous said...


Jennipah (my mom calls me that too), you did such a great job with this. This is classic. The photos are uncanny.

Jen Lee

Anonymous said...

NICE. how can kat get upset over this? youre the bomb jenn. sorry i missed you too! trust me ive been telling kat to start exploiting the oh confusion for a while now. in fact, when i first met kat and was asked by friends to describe her looks i was like "uh... do you know that show 'arliss'....."

much love, fjc

lisa said...

holy crap, i'm crying right now from laughing!!! that's awesome! we always tell her that, but she's not into it. i would totally milk it too. great job jenn!

Anonymous said...

Girlfriend!!! Too funny. No I am not angry...(you do have some photshop skills girl!) but I still do not think I look like her!!!

KAT (not S. OH!!!)

lee said...

Oh my God, I can't believe I've never noticed before, but it's really uncanny!

Parisjasmal said...

You are so funny Jenn!

jennipah said...

i started to get obsessed as i scoured the internet for s.oh photos, comparing them to kat pictures i had, etc. this moment was such a small sliver of time, but it continues to provide unending enjoyment to others!

kat - i'm glad you're not mad. :) milk it, girrrlllll!

chenja said...

HAHA!! Nice work! This has got to be one of my fave blog entries ever!

Richard said...

Jenn, this is priceless. I'm linking to this from my blog.

Hope all is well in DC. I hear you're like the hardest working woman in show bizness now.

Happy thanksgiving!