Tuesday, November 8

I'm an absentee voting dummy

I totally meant to grab my absentee ballot to drop it off today (because I didn't mail it early enough), but I forgot. So now I have to make sure I grab it from my place and drop it off before the polls close. Because I'm registered at my parents' address (I move way too much, so that's easiest), I have to drive back out to another county rather than just taking care of this in the city. I actually pass my parents' home on my way back from work. So now I'll backtrack. Lame me.

But this is important, so I'm doing it. The polling places close at 8pm, people. Do the right thing. If you want a little guidance, check out The Guardian.


Gabe said...

whew! that was a scary election. I still can't believe I live in a state where Arnold S is the governor. Maybe next year I'll wake up and realize it was all a bad dream.

Gabe said...

and, of course, Jennipah, your blog is awesome