Tuesday, November 22

Taking it back to the old school

I've been digging through old photos in preparation for The Look for Less. This is kinda ghetto because I pretty much just took pictures of the pictures... but I thought people would be amused. Enjoy!

I was not the cutest kid, but my mom is beautiful. My grandma's beautiful too!Here we are in our Han-boks. Jimmy was the cutest baby, and I was a protective big sis.My dad sported facial hair for ages. And sideburns. My mom said he was quite the ladies' man.Could my glasses be any bigger?Thank goodness for contact lenses.Jimmy and I grew up with our cousins, Jason and Jeffrey. (Our families went with the "J" theme.) Our grandma took care of all of us after school while our parents were at work. It's like I had three little brothers. And I was the reigning princess of the land!Could my mom's glasses be any bigger? She'd be in style with this look today.Happy family.


Anonymous said...

yo whut! old skool jenn! holla! seriously though, cant wait to see you on the look for less. keep up the good work! ever since you posted that shot of me and kat, ive been reading your blog on a regular basis...great stuff. its addictive...like chocolate and those korean dramas on kbs. yo i just saw an episode of this one called "war of the roses" man. every married person is having an affair! its crazy...but captivating!

anyway, yeah, cool blog jenn.

f. choroco from nyc

jennipah said...

choroco! i haven't seen a kbs drama in years. you are now officially more korean than i am. :) i have been hearing that the k-dramas are getting big all over asia. and i remember how addictive they were.

i'll try to keep the blog as captivating as chocolate. with caramel. and rice crisps. mmm...

Jason Hahn said...

hey noona! those pics make me smile. =D it feels like i haven't seen you in forever...perhaps because i'd been seeing jimmy so much. anyways, turkey day's around the corner and there's nothing like stuffing our faces in the presense of family. btw, about the birthday picture with me, you, jimmy, and jeff, i think i still make that face in pictures sometimes.

Anonymous said...

okay - these pics are just hilarious. too funny! i especially like the facial hair on your dad. that was crackin' me up!!! i don't think i've ever seen these old skool pics of you before - before high school that is. show us more! more! more! as frank would say - holla!