Monday, November 14

Hunky Hollywood Harrison is all about chivalry

Harrison's in town! He's my fabulous friend who I met through work a couple years ago. We bonded when we were training in Minnesota together for two weeks, twice. Yep, Minnesota for FOUR whole weeks. Believe it or not, I really liked it! Harrison was the local who showed me that the twin cities can be a lot of fun. I love the Uptown area. I actually kind of look forward to it when work sends me back now... as long as it's not winter.

Harrison now lives in Hollywood, but he's up in San Francisco for work. We're planning to hog his free time as much as we can all week because he's that great, and we had so much fun the last time he was here.

We started our week with dinner at Maverick. It was better than I remembered, and you can't beat half-priced wine on Mondays! We had a bottle of Chasseur pinot noir. Mmmm. Our waiter described it well, "absolutely gorgeous fruit." The beet salad, fig salad and the Maverick salad were all scrumptious. The steak was also really tasty; and my bacon wrapped, stuffed trout was also inventive and yummy. I think I'll try the fried chicken if it's still on the menu next time.

GrrrRrrrr! Hot! HaAWT!We found this old school thang outside the restaurant. Harrison was so excited by the eight track player! Doesn't he look excited? Doesn't his hand look huge?

We decided to go for dessert at Limon. The oozy chocolate cake thing with a pear and ice cream was almost orgasmic. Harrison, who is also a fantastic cook, shared a good tip for making the center of the cake gooey. Using an ice cube tray, freeze some of the cake mix. Before you bake the rest of the mix, place the frozen cubes in the center. Voila! Not only is Harrison a good-cookin', good-lookin' ball of fun, he's also awesomely chivalrous. He pulls out chairs and opens doors, and he even changed sides with me when we were walking down the sidewalk so that he would be on the side closer to the street. Isn't that sweet? I love chivalry! And he's not even trying. It's just in him. Where is the rest of the chivalry out there?

You might be thinking that Harrison's just trying to impress us with his good manners, but he's not. He doesn't like us like that. He doesn't like any females like that. Sorry, girls! And actually, sorry to the boys too - he's taken.

The last time Harrison was here, we kept him out til the wee hours of the morning. We couldn't do that on a school night so early in the week, but let's see where these next few evenings lead us...


Parisjasmal said...

Hunky INDEED!!!!! He looks so fun, and the chivalry part--be still my heart!
You actually enjoyed the Twin Cities?? Did you ride the Snoopy Coaster at the Mall of America?

Your blog always makes me smile!
Harrison looks awesome!

Have fun while he is in town!

Laura said...

I'm so jealous you get to see Hunky Harrison! Give him a big smooch for me . . . on the cheek of course, wouldn't want to start any rumors ;)

jennipah said...

parisjasmal, i really DID enjoy myself! no snoopy coaster for me, though. :)

laura, i will be sure to pass along the xoxo. sorry we didn't get to hang out more when you were here. visit again soon!