Sunday, November 6

Annie and Mike's Wedding

Annie and Mike said, "I do" at Castle Green in Pasadena this weekend.We got to say, "Mazel tov!" We're so happy for the happy couple.
Miles was the cutest ringbearer. He's playing hard to get here.
I said, "Show me sexy!" and this is what I got. Go on, girls!I said, "Show me sexy intellectuals!" and this is what I got.There's just something about those glasses. Taer's thinking hard here. Hmmm... Annie asked Miles for a "bpoh bpoh."
Mike got the "bpoh bpoh." Adorable!
I told you Miles plays hard to get. He was popular among the ladies.Beautiful couple!
The girls.
The teal girls.When the boys get together, they like to cause trouble...... "trouble" = "Dirty Sanchez"
Ew!This pose is SO Annie!
I'm trying to be so Annie here too, but I don't think I succeeded.
After all that attention, Miles was worn out.


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zerry ht said...

Beautiful blog! She looks very pretty in this dress. I am also getting married by the end of this year to my best friend in one of the San Francisco wedding venues. I am very excited about the day and I would love to share pictures with you.