Monday, November 21

Prius peek at 2006

Oh dearest Prius, I do love you so! Even though I've had my hybrid for almost a year now, people are still fascinated by it.

"Do you have to plug it in?"

"No, the battery recharges itself when I slow down or brake. The only time I've seen the battery get really low is during my drives to Tahoe, going uphill for miles and miles. But it was totally fine."

"What kind of gas mileage do you get?"

"It's been getting around 45 miles per gallon. I drive 400ish miles before I have to fill it, usually around 9 gallons. That's actually on the low side because of all the San Francisco hills. I talked to someone else who drives her Prius in the flatter 'burbs, and she gets 50 or 60 something m.p.g.!"

"Does it feel like you're driving a golf cart?"

"No, but sometimes I do pop my feet through the floor and run, like on the Flinstones, just for fun."

Kidding about that last one. It feels like any other Japanese car. But it is so quiet I sometimes forget it's on. At stop lights, people think I've stalled.

I could drive Priuses (Prii?) for the rest of my life. It's not the absolute perfect car, but based on the 2006 enhancements covered by AutoSpies, Toyota's doing a really good job of getting pretty darn close to meeting of all my personal automotive needs.

Leather! I love my Prius, but I want the leather which will now be offered! And if I'm reading my geek speak correctly, I'd be able to connect my iPod in the 2006. The last thing on my wish list would be a sun roof, but I guess that would take away from the energy efficiency. Ooh, I'm drooling. Everyone should get a Prius.

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