Monday, July 31

All I ever asked of you was that you become a lawyer

"I love your daughter very much. We want to get married, and we would like to do it with your blessing."

My parents were finally ready for THE TALK. It had been almost four months since my move from San Francisco to DC. I was calling often, both out of obligation as a dutiful daughter and also because I missed them. Mostly because I missed them. A lot.

Taer and I made sure that his parents were fully prepared to embrace me whole-heartedly into their family, just as my dad requested. He reported that our mission had been accomplished.

"Jenn has spent time with my parents, and they like her. They, like you, had a difficult time in the beginning, but they are happy to welcome her as their daughter-in-law."

My mom was ready to accept Taer; it was my dad who was stubbornly holding his ground. I get my stubborn streak from my father. At this point, however, I felt like even he had softened up a lot since I'd left. Before our visit, he told me in a sad voice, "I miss my ddal (daughter)." He didn't want to lose his little girl.

Taer didn't think they would give in without still more of a fight. He was sure they'd "grab him by the nuts" for a while first. (Those were his own words.)

"Jenn has been an ideal daughter. [Not too much nut grabbing there.] To us, she is lacking in nothing, and she could be with anyone she wants. She has made it clear that she has chosen you, and we think you are lucky. [Balls are ever so slightly squeezed.]

"You are both grown adults, and you could have just gone and gotten married without caring what we thought. This whole time, however, you have been asking for our blessing. We appreciate that.

"Jenn has told us that she wants to be with you. All that we ever asked her to do for us was to become a lawyer. She has done that, and so now we have to give her what she wants in return. Welcome to the family."

I'm not so sure that suffering though three years of grueling law school and enduring the pain-inducing California bar exam is exactly Even Steven with my parents' blessing to marry the man I love. But whatev's - the wedding is on!


Parisjasmal said...

Wonderful news. I hope all family members can grow to love (or at least really like) one another.

You are a good daughter.

Congrats to you and T!

Sung said...

Yeahh! Good to hear. Worth the wait. Always. Oh, I'm so happy for you two. Thanks for keeping me in the "loop".

Anonymous said...

So I found your blog a while back. I think it was when I was searching for random info on the opening of the H&M in San Francisco!

Anywho - I've been reading for a while now and I get a kick out of your posts. So I thought this was as good an opportunity as every to congratulate you!!!

Oh and as a law student I have to say posts like this one crack me up! :oP

Congrats Again!

jennipah said...

parisjasmal monkeyposh jen - thank you! :) love all around...

sung - "loop" on in anytime! how's city living in my fave city???

kepenate - thanks for the kind words, and good luck in law school! if you like this story, i've got plenty more. between my crazily loving parents and legally blonde moments, i've got more.