Thursday, November 3

Download cheap music, send large files

I recently found out about this great resource, You can download an entire album for about $1! It’s a Russian site, and they claim it's all legal. Once you pre-pay as little as $10, you're ready to go. My friend hasn't had any problems with using his credit card, in case you’re worried, though he did get a call from his bank for unusual spending patterns. A transaction shows up as a purchase in Moscow. If you want to read more about AllofMP3 before trying it, check out these links:
Wall Street Journal article
Gizmodo: "Serious Contender"
The Tech Guide: "On a scale of 1 to 10... a 9."

Ever since my musician cousin kindly refused my offer to copy a cd for him, I’ve tried to avoid what I used to think of as innocent sharing. He talked to me about how artists have been adversely affected by the “stealing” of music. I’m not sure what he thinks about buying really, really cheap music, but I just can't resist a good deal!

That being said, if you do want to share big files you can use YouSendIt. Friends have used this to introduce me to artists I wouldn't discover on my own, which has led to subsequent purchases on my part. That should be ok, right? I'll have to ask my cousin about that one. Anyway, I'm just here to pass along fab finds.

Now go forth, and rock on!

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