Saturday, November 26

The Big Game = a really big loss for a certain Stanford alum.

I made the best bet ever! Cal played at Stanford in the 108th Big Game last week. DLao and I, being Stanford and Berkeley graduates, respectively, decided to place a friendly a little wager on the game.

If Stanford won, I would have to wear one of DLao's school shirts for a week. If Berkeley won, he would have to wear one of mine.

I don't think DLao actually thought through the implications of wearing a shirt which was actually my size. So when Cal crushed Stanford 27-3... well, I think these pictures are far better than any words of description I could possibly string together.

Go bears! (And in case you're wondering, this is a kid's shirt, size medium.)
Look at that midriff!DLao said he had a hard time breathing.The funniest thing happened when we were leaving the bar. (Yes, we were out in public!) This guy who took our table said to DLao, "Hey, I went to Berkeley too. What year did you graduate?" The guy had a big grin on his face, but I don't think he realized DLao didn't want to be in that shirt.

Had I gotten the pink shirt or the camisole with flowers, it would've been obvious that DLao didn't wear it of his own accord. This shirt was so perfectly tight, however,it just made him look like a cheesy guy who meant to show off his bod. Ha!

He's such a good sport. I almost felt bad enough to let him off. I said almost. Thanks for giving me the laugh I needed this weekend, DLao!

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chenja said...

Dlao pretends to be embarassed, but he secretly likes how he looks in that shirt. Next time he'll intentionally lose a bet to Hahn so he can wear more muscle shirts. Hot!