Tuesday, November 22

NYTimes describes SF's Mission District "Eclectic, Eccentric, Electric"

"I try to get anybody coming to San Francisco to come to the Mission," said Dave Eggers, the best-selling author who set up the first of his community writing schools here. "Not to misuse the word 'authentic' - I think that's such a troubling word - but the Mission really does have all the best parts of San Francisco intersecting here."
I agree with Dave. (I wonder if I can call him Davey? Or Davakins? Or Davipah?) I volunteer whenever I can at 826 Valencia, which was founded by Eggers - love him, and I got to meet him! Check out the rest of the New York Times article on the Mission and/or browse through their travel guide for the city of San Francisco. It's impossible to not fall in love with this city.

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Anonymous said...

That article was a little weird:

"At the intersection below...blue-haired anarchist daddies push strollers..."

Maybe I don't get to every corner of the Mission, but do such people really exist? Anarchists get thrown in jail during protests - how do they find babysitting?