Thursday, November 10

Ashley Dearborn shoes make me want to hop onto my pegasus and fly over rainbows!

A few weeks ago, Tina and I made a solemn vow that we would both stop shopping for a while. We decided that we were spending more than we should, and being the responsible adults that we are, we wanted to go into “saving mode."

We're not very good at being responsible adults. Once we made that decision, the retail gods decided to tempt us, and we found more things to buy than ever!

With these friends and family discounts, plus other sources like Daily Candy and Splendora enticing us, we then decided that “saving mode” could be put on hold during sale season. I'm personally of the belief that our vow wasn't really meant to include amazing deals anyway. I mean, we are kind of actually saving money by getting these great discounts, aren't we?

Our revised terms led us to an Ashley Dearborn sample sale. I'm a big fan of our revised terms. These shoes are so fabulous! And we got to meet the designer herself (she's sandwiched between us in this pic). It's no wonder her stuff is so fun. Ashley was a blast, and so was her friend, Kate, who traveled from New York to help out.

We supposedly bought Ashley's two favorites. I don't know if she was just saying that, but I'll let myself go ahead and believe it. She mentioned that some people just don't "get it" when it comes to her designs, but we got it. Oooh, yeah - we got it.

My shoes are called "pegasus," but doesn't the horn make it a unicorn? Anyway, whatever they are, I love 'em! When I put my feet together, I make one animal kiss the other one. Mwah! And don't even ask what happens when I cross my legs...


Parisjasmal said...

Oooohhh Those are beautiful. So whimsical, but could totally work for something formal.

Props to you for giving Ashley some advertising! I will check her out and pass her name along.

Have a great day!

Roberto Iza Valdes said...
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