Saturday, September 17

Sarah Jessica Parker, so Lovely

Sarah Jessica Parker was at Macy's promoting her new fragrance, Lovely. I am a huge fan of SJP, so of course I had to go!

She was supposed to be there from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. to sign perfume bottles for the first 300 customers. I realized that it might be a little crazy, but I thought I would give it a try. Denise was meeting me there, and we were going to hang out and just make a fun day of it all.

We got there slightly before noon to discover that we were already way too late! The list had been filled by pre-sales orders. We put ourselves on the waiting list, which gave us a small chance to meet her if the first 300 passed quickly. Neither of us wanted to deal with the ridiculous crowd - it was INSANE! It felt like all of San Francisco was there. So we caught a quick glance of her loveliness in person, and then we left for lunch.

It was almost 2pm when we finished our meal, and we were debating whether or not it was worth our time to go back. With five minutes to spare, we decided to give it a try.

Thank goodness we did! We were the LAST ONES they allowed. Literally, we were the last two people left in the now short line to meet SJP! I don't normally get star-struck, but I found myself gushing when it was finally my turn.

me: I love you! I have to tell you; my friend, Su, used to work at Nobu in New York, and she used to talk about the celebrities who came in. When I asked her who the nicest ones were, she named you and your husband!
SJP: Really? (both hands to her heart, as you can imagine Carrie doing) That's so nice! Was she one of the girls in front or a waitress?
me: I think she was a waitress, but she's not there anymore. She's at Slanted Door now.
SJP: Oh, I'm going there for dinner tonight! Tell Su I'll see her there. We're going early, at 6, because we have a flight to catch.
me: I will! Thank you so much! (I immediately plotted in my head how I, too, would conveniently be at Slanted Door for an early dinner, around 6pm...)

I didn't actually stalk dear SJP that night (though Slanted Door is divine). But I must say that she really is absolutely fabulous, just as you would expect! She is TINY, and the entirety of that tinyness just exudes sincerity and niceness.

The verdict's still out on Lovely's scent. It may be a bit floral for my taste, but I'll have to give it couple more tries on my skin. I am, however, even a bigger fan of the oh so lovely SJP than I was before.
(*My SJP Addendum explains why I became yet an even bigger fan the very next day.)
Thanks to Denise for telling me about this and for joining me!

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Parisjasmal said...

Funny how we both posted on the LONG LINE and her utter tininess or tinyness!

Great post!