Thursday, September 29

LOST scares the living bejangizzles out of me, and I love it!

I'm a total geek. I joined the Lost Yahoo! Groups. (I'm also a Prius Groups member. Double geek. So what?) You can't access anything unless you sign up, so I did. I HAD to! OMG, the "Others" freaked me out so much last night! I thought I might wake up my roommates, or even my neighbors! Anyway, if you don't want to join but want to check out thoughts of other Lost fans, check out the livejournal site. One Yahoo member listed a bunch of other great links. Here are a few of those: The Numbers scare me. (This site was activated after Hurley's Episode.) Turn up your sound when you go to this one. Whoa! You've probably already seen this one. "The official site of the creative team behind Lost, sponsored by J.J. Abrams"

Not to just list and leave, but I do have work to do. I just needed to put this out there for other Lost lovers. And if you're not watching yet, what's keeping you??? Gotta get lost now.

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