Sunday, September 18

Sarah Jessica Parker addendum

(*If you haven't read about my encounter with the Lovely SJP, you should probably review that first.)

I just got back from a B.B.Q. held in Margaret's honor - she's leaving for the Peace Corps, and we're all going to miss her! Su hosted the shindig, and she's also the friend I mentioned who works at Slanted Door.

It turns out that Su wasn't working the night SJP ate there. When she returned the next day, however, everyone at the restaurant approached her with, "Uh, so someone was looking for you yesterday. It was Sarah Jessica Parker! Why does she know you? Who the heck are you anyway???"

I can't believe SJP actually paid attention to what I said to her! She even remembered and asked for Su several times specifially by name when she got to Slanted Door. I thought she came across sincerely nice, but I figured she was still a celebrity who got bombarded by fans all the time. Especially on the day that I met her, she was signing autographs and chatting for two hours, so I didn't think she would care about the words coming out of my mouth. But she does care; she really does! Isn't that the cutest?

I've always liked SJP, but now I love her! I'm going to wear Lovely every single day for the rest of my life.

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Parisjasmal said...

That is amazing! She must really be a genuinely awesome person!

xoxo to SJP!