Tuesday, September 6

My big THREE OH! (cont.)

Dinner was at Coco500. Thanks, lil t, for arranging this with big T! As t would say: "Yumster!"I sure hope my birthday wishes come true.The post-dinner festivities took place at Sip.

There's foolio Kelvin, who doesn't party anymore, especially since he's a daddy! (I love Tristan.) And then Rich and Linda are so great, both individually and together, it's gross. They were in the middle of moving to their new mansion. I'm touched everyone made the time to come out. Shaun made me drink WAY too much. I think that "shot" (tumbler?) of vodka did me in. Always stylin Heishin gave me my new favorite Stila gloss. I heard Rachell got a Prius too! I'm not sure what Jo's doing here, but I think it somehow involves Gene. Dana's glowing from her newlyweddedness!Where my girls at? HaaAAAAAAyyyyY!Debo was a surprise guest star from Seattle! Gene's been working way too much, but he looks happy in this picture. Not only do I have the BEST girlfriends, but I have the BEST guy friends too!And I can't forget my brother(s). Scott/Pisit has been Jimmy's best friend since high school, which pretty much makes him like another brother to me. Jimmy and I never fought, even when we were kids. I couldn't ask for a better lil bruddah. Taer is the love of my life. He's the funniest person I know. Sometimes he's a bit of a bully, but he doesn't mean to be. He has the best heart ever. I know, barf and gag. I never really understood the whole, "You'll just know" thing. But now I get it.
I just know.And did I mention that Taer is the most PATIENT person ever?

At the end of the night, I was pretty much drunk. Taer and I decided to get pizza. Or maybe he decided, and I just went along; I don't really remember. Anyway, at the pizza joint, I decided to read Kelvin's card and open his present. While I was reading his card, tipsy me decided that it was one of the sweetest things I had ever read... so I began bawling. It's ridiculous, but sometimes when I drink enough, I get emotional. And when I do cry, I don't stop. Poor Taer had to deal with me being the biggest baby during pizza (where everyone was staring), in the cab (with questioning looks from the driver), all the way until we got home. He somehow even managed to get me to wash up and take my contact lenses out. I think he's a miracle worker.

Anyway, this is me with my pizza and my hand cream/foot cream present and my silly tears.
The funny thing is that when I read the card again the next day, I still thought it was sweet, but it wasn't all THAT sentimental. So, I think that's enough birthday drinking for me.

More about the real 30 tomorrow.

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