Wednesday, September 21

Aqualung: "like Coldplay, but more boring"

I just got back from Aqualung's show at the Great American Music Hall, presented by VH1. KFOG was recording the whole thing, and they'll be broadcasting it in a few weeks. Aqualung is just getting so BIG!

Margie, my top resource for hot and less-discovered music, introduced me to them months ago. Lee and I went to their first performance in San Francisco, which was sometime just this past May or June. It was at the same venue, but it felt more intimate back then. This time around, there were a lot more people in the audience who were snapping pictures left and right, and they all seemed awfully young.

The youngest fan there was this sweet little girl in front of me who must've been seven years old. I asked if she liked Aqualung, and she nodded gravely. Throughout the entire show, she gazed at Matt with such admiration. It was too too cute! I guess that's what happens when you get big enough to have VH1 back you.

I should clarify the whole "like Coldplay, but more boring" comment, since I don't want any fans out there getting mad at me. This is a quote directly out of Matt's mouth. He was talking between songs in his adorable British accent, and that was his self reference. He was kind of joking, but I'm sure the comparison is out there. He does a similar voice thing. If you like Coldplay, you will probably like Aqualung. A female audience member was quick to point out, "You're cuter than Chris Martin!" No offense to Gwyneth or Apple, but I have to agree.

Matt stuck around to sign cd's, shirts, ticket stubs, napkins, and pretty much whatever you put in front of him. I offered him a Shiseido oil blotting paper to take the shine off his nose before Lee and I posed with him, and he used it! I should've asked him to sign that. Don't worry, I didn't do it. But I was thinking about it.

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