Sunday, September 11


I read that 9/11 is losing its impact on America; it is beginning to become another date among dates. I can't believe that. While I don't believe we should let such acts cripple us, we certainly should not forget.

Four years ago, I went for an early morning run and returned home to watch the horrific fall of the World Trade Center. I was numb as I watched the images on the news for hours. Feeling helpless and unsure of what to do with myself, I went to work, where I heard another piece of shocking news. One of our sales and marketing executives, Jeremy Glick, was on Flight 93 on his way to a business meeting at our office.

We later discovered that Jeremy would be remembered as a hero, one of the brave passengers who fought against the hijackers. My heart went out to his wife and 12-week old daughter. I couldn't imagine what his family must have been going through. I couldn't imagine what the friends and families of all of the victims must have been going through, what they are going through today.

We are not meant to live by ourselves or for ourselves. Remember.

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