Monday, September 26

RELISH the best shopping AT HOME!

Relish at Home opened a retail location; they had their grand opening this weekend, so of course the girls had to go. The last time I wore one of my Chan Luu scarves, I kept getting compliments all day. Someone even went out of their way to pat me on the shoulder and tell me, "You've got style." I really do relish my Relish goodies.

If you're not familiar with Relish at Home, here's how it works. Claudia hosted the first event. When we got to her house, it had been transformed into the cutest boutique ever! Claude served yummy little sandwiches, and all the girls got to hang out and eat while we shopped in her living room. That day, I came home with a scarf, bag, earrings, candles, body wash, and even a stylish umbrella. Their stuff is cute and affordable, often below the retail prices you'll see in stores. Nobody walked away empty-handed. I knew I had to host my own trunk show so we could do it again.

I made empanadas and opened a bottle of champagne, and we shopped and ate some more. (Yes, I realize empanadas don't exactly go with the bubbly, but at least I served strawberries too.) So here's one cool thing about hosting: I got a 10% hostess credit. Because my guests spent around $1200, I got $120 to spend on whatever I wanted. Here's another cool thing: because I hosted from Claudia's referral, she got $50 credit to spend at my party. Now Wuwu's planning to play hostess next month, and I can't wait.

I was supposed to go to the Folsom Street Fair afterwards, but we spent more time at the store than I expected. That was ok; I added a great necklace to my collection. Since I missed it this year, though, here's a VERY TAME photo from last year for your viewing pleasure.

I saw enough penises and leather last year to last me a lifetime.


Parisjasmal said...

This shopping thing sounds cool...BUT I am posting here because I just figured out who you remind me of. It has been driving me NUTS. You remind me of Jamie from Real World San Diego.

Sorry--but it has been driving me nuts!

jennipah said...

i can't seem to email you from your site, so i'll comment back here. jamie from real world? really? she's pretty, so i'm flattered. (i had to google her; wasn't sure what she looked like.) thanks for the compliment!