Sunday, September 25

bbq, 500 Club w/ Erotic Photo Hunt

My roommates held our semi-annual birthday bbq. (Last year, that involved pizza. But that's a whole other story.) Blaine and I are the September bday kids. Gabe and Courtney are March babies. We met on craigslist, but it just worked out this way. We all get along famously. Isn't that cute?

Here's Lee on Santa Blaine's lap.

Gabe, our other roommate, wanted in on the action on Blaine's lap. They both look awfully happy, don't they?

I had to school Lee on the rules of 4 Square. Can you believe she's never played???

She doesn't quite seem to get the 4 Square concept here...

Nate isn't getting it either. Oh, well.

Here's Julie and my bruddah! Jimmy's all wet because our mean neighbor decided to spray us from the other side of the fence.

EROTIC PHOTO HUNT is the best game ever! Remember Highlights magazine from when you were a kid? And remember the "what's different in these two pictures" section of that? Now add in boobies and other body parts, and you've got E.P.H. If you haven't played, get your butt over to the 500 Club! Here's Claude showing Tommy what's up.

At the 500 Club, you can partake in many other activities outside of Erotic Photo Hunt. You can play music on the juke box, challenge Santa to a game of pool, and DRINK. Blaine + alcohol = Blaine - clothes.

When Lee puts on the glasses, we both mean some major bid-ness.

When Claude puts on the glasses..... well, I'm really not sure what actually happens. But be afraid, be VERY afraid.

What's better than one Lee? TWO Lees!

Bandit is a 5hundy regular, and she does the coolest trick. If you throw a coaster at her, she'll catch it in her mouth, and THEN she'll throw it back at you!

LL says Peace Out, y'all!

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lee said...

yeah, but i can take it to da house in bombardment! brrring it.