Tuesday, September 6

My big THREE OH!

So, just for the record, I'm still 29 as I'm writing this. In just a few short hours, however...

Anyway, the birthday extravaganza took place this past weekend. We started our Saturday by shucking oysters from Johnson's.
Well, some of us were shucking, but most of us were just eating. Tommy was the master oyster shucker. He kind of became shucking Nazi, and even when his own wife wanted to try, he said, "No! Shuck you!"Claudia finally got her hands on the glove and shucked her little heart out. She's so happy!We ate both raw and cooked oysters. Gallant and Taer cheered on Nick, our resident boy scout, who tried to start a fire without any lighter fluid. We eventually needed to borrow some, but it was a valient effort! He ended up looking like one of the chimney sweeps from Mary Poppins.
The girls played football while the boys cooked and cleaned - just as it should be. Ha! Actually, we were goofing around a lot. But we did have a really good celebration dance. It started with the running man, all in unison. Aw, ye-ah!
Pixel got to play too. Look at that adorable face!
Jump, Jump, Pix!
Foggy Golden Gate Bridge, classic San Francisco. We headed back to the city for dinner.

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