Thursday, October 6

Deb Gibson, Mase, Chris Martin

Since I've been posting pictures with celebrities and other famous (or semi-famous) people lately, I thought I'd add in a couple others I have on file. Look who's no longer only in my dreams; here I am with Debbie Gibson. I loved her back in the day - like omg, she was totally way better than Tiffany! Right? She now goes by the more mature and less electrically youthful, love-shaking name, Deborah Gibson. In my heart, however, she'll still be Debbie, and she'll definitely always be lost in my eyes. Whatever her name is, she was signing her new album and Playboy spread at Tower Records. I know what you're thinking. DGib has a new album? She was in Playboy? The answers are yes and yes.

Taer told me that a friend of a friend actually took Deb to their prom way back in the day; he saw pictures and everything. So, with a song single for me and a Playboy for Taer, I was all ready to ask her about prom. (Yes, I did buy my very first Playboy that day - I'm either the best girlfriend or the dumbest. I can't decide which.)

me: Did you go to prom at ___ High School in Maryland? (I eagerly awaited her positive response of, "Yes, how do you know about that?" so we could start laughing about it together like old friends.)
D: (after a bit of thinking) No, sorry, I never went to any prom in Maryland. I only went to prom in Long Island.
(This is when I felt really lame and could practically hear the crickets chirping in the background.)
me: Oh... well, my boyfriend said his friend took you.
D: Yeah, I used to get all kinds of stories like that.

Oh, well! So much for that! She was still really nice and signed all my stuff. She looks really good too; she's prettier now. I haven't heard much about Deborah's album since, but I'm still rooting for her comeback!

Speaking of a comeback, when we were in Miami for Sindy's bachelorette party, this guy tried to get our attention by calling out as we were walking by, "Hey, what's your name?"
Kat yelled back, "What's your name?"

Most of us kept walking, but Kat stopped to further investigate. "Hey, girls, it really looks like him!" She went up to him and asked, "Are you really Mase?"

He showed her his license, which read Mason Durrell Betha. It's a good thing Kat stopped. Doesn't she look happy here? Anyway, we were on our way to dinner, so Mase's sidekick exchanged numbers with a couple of the girls. There was a lot of calling back and forth later, but we didn't meet up again. It was still a fun South Beach weekend.

Sindy (the one in the veil, in case you couldn't tell) has been making some blog suggestions. Well, Sin, here's my VERY FIRST SHOUT OUT! THIS IS TO MY MOST SINFULICIOUS HOMEGIRL IN THE 'BURBS OF D.C.! WHOOO!!!

And finally, here I am with Chris Martin.

Ok, I'm just kidding about this one. This is some guy who was working at this trampolene when I was in Tahoe. But doesn't it look like him? I even asked if anyone else told this guy that, and he replied in a cute, British accent, "You're the first American to say it."

Weird and random final thought: What if Deb, Mase and Chris did a song together?

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Parisjasmal said...

Rolling on the floor clutching my ribs laughing!
Dissed by Debbie(crickets chirping in the background-OMG)
but chilling with Mase, then doing some crazy acrobatic shiz with Chris Martin.
Jenni-girl you really are on tour!

I think you and I must be the same age because I feel the same way about Debbie Gibson, and I have my picture with her too when she played Cinderella or Belle or something on Broadway.

Oh and I have a HUGE crush on Chris Martin!!!!

Your post was hilarious.