Wednesday, October 19

My newest toy doesn't need batteries

One of my firms was hosting a book fair today. I picked up a couple books, but my non-literary purchase was the more exciting find. It's the best gadget: The Illuminator.

It's a flashlight that never needs batteries! How earthquake-and-other-disasters prepared of me, huh? Alright, I'll be totally honest. I didn't really care about being prepared, even though I was once a girl scout. The inner geek in me was way more excited than the cool and collected me would've wanted to admit. You just crank it up, and you've got light!
This is my hand in motion, in case you couldn't tell. I thought you'd appreciate an action shot. One minute of winding is supposed to provide up to one hour of "continuous ultra bright light."Look at how bright the three LEDs are! (And I will take it out of the package soon. I was just having too much fun playing with it to do it immediately.) Now I'll be able to find my Diet Coke in any blackout. There's another version which includes an AM/FM radio along with the flashlight! If I get that one, I can drink Diet Coke and rock out during a blackout. Cool.

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