Saturday, October 1

Snow in San Francisco; good eats at Blue Plate

Thursday was HOT! I think - knock on wood - our San Francisco Indian summer may have finally hit. And we had snow! Icer Air transformed Fillmore Street into "the first of its kind urban big-air competition." Thousands showed up to watch snowboarders and skiers compete. Lee and I tried to go too, but we didn't get there in time to catch any air action. That whole silly thing called work sometimes gets in the way. Oh, well. We did get to see the snowy hill, though, which was unreal. To see more pics of what we missed, click here and here.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, not everyone was happy with the event, especially neighbors. "At one point in the show, a snowboarder skidded off the landing strip and flew into the crowd. Two people were treated at a hospital for minor injuries as a result." Ouch. Well, I still wish I could've joined the audience, but I had a great dinner that night, so I wasn't too upset in the end.

Blue Plate is all kinds of YUM! Julie and I had delicious comfort food, including mac & cheese and ice cream sandwiches for dessert. If you go, don't miss the hearts of romaine salad with bacon and tomatoes. Oh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it again! How many times am I allowed to "yum" in one posting? Can I give Blue Plate two yums up?

By the way, if you didn't check out your stalkers on Friendster yesterday, then you're out of luck. Everyone was all up in an uproar! Gawker: Friendster Sells You Out. BusinessWeek: If you're snooping at someone's profile, Friendster's telling. Friendster responded to the bad press by resetting who's viewed you. (If you got in on time, you got to see the last 100 people who looked at your profile.) So if you were freaking out that you peeked at a crush or scoped out your nemesis, you can now breathe easy.

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