Sunday, October 23

Richard and Erika

Rich finally came to his senses and realized how lucky he was. He asked Erika to put up with him forever and ever... and she said yes! (Just kidding, Richard... but I know you know you're one lucky man!)Me, Camilla, LeeP'ye baek is a Korean ritual in which the bride formally greets her new in-laws after the wedding ceremony. During this ritual, the couple shows its respect for the groom's parents by performing a series of bows. The bride receives white fabric bearing the phrase, "Man and woman united." The parents throw dates and chestnuts in the air, and the bride tries to catch them in the fabric. It is believed that the number of pieces the bride catches will equal the number of children they will be blessed with. Then the bride and groom serve soju to the parents, who in turn offer a few words of wisdom to the couple. The groom bites on one end of a date, the bride the other, until their lips meet in a "kiss." For the grand finale, the groom shows his strength and commitment by lifting the bride onto his back for a piggy-back ride. [This is from the program; I'm not that knowledgeable.]First DanceThe San-San-Kudo, known as the ceremony of the Three Times Exchange, is the exchange of nupial cups performed by the bride and groom. San means three, and it is a lucky number; ku means nine, and it is the luckiest number. The sharing of sake is one of the oldest traditional Japanese wedding ceremonial customs dating back to the 8th century. The sharing or toast of sake symbolizes a formal bond between the bride and groom. Three sips are taken from each of the three sake nesting cups, first by the groom, then followed by the bride for each cup. The three cups symbolize heaven, earth and humans. The first three rounds, the smallest sake cup, signifies gratitude toward ancestors; the second round represents the vow between the bride and groom; and the third round and largest sake cup represents the prosperity of descendants.I'm having a good ole time with Taer, my beloved boyfriend.As much as I love Taer, I had a crush on another boy too! Look at these heartbreakers.The ladies of the "Dream" table Our "Dreamy" men
Maryland and Virgina know how to party in Cali.Taer, Gene, RoyHolly is Roy's woman (congrats on the nuptials), but she's all mine for this pic.
See Henry in the background? There were many blasts from the past this night.Roy, me, GeneWhat a difference a day makes. This was us just the night before.More blasts from the past: Jae and Sung and their ladies!Steve is still mr. cool.What a fun wedding, and what a great couple!

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