Saturday, October 15

20 random jennipah facts

I've been "tagged" by MonkeyPosh to list 20 random facts about myself. As much as Jenn hates talking about herself - ha! - Jenn hates it even more when people refer to themselves in the third person. Does that count as a fact? I haven't started numbering yet, so I'll say it doesn't. Here goes:

1. I like reading manuals.

2. I hate cold water. This means I never just jump into a pool; I ease in from the stairs. I'll get mad if you try to splash me. My showers are always hot, no matter what the weather is.

3. Very, very few people have ever heard me swear. Or fart.

4. I have a dimple, but people don't often notice it because it's below the right corner of my mouth.

5. I didn't start drinking until law school. I amazingly resisted both at Berkeley and during my summers in Korea. I'm really making up for it now.

6. I did finally pass the California Bar Exam, but it didn't happen the first time I took it. Nor did it happen the second time... and we'll just leave it at that.

7. A major pet peeve is when eaters audibly smack their mouths open and shut with every bite they take.

8. Another pet peeve is the incorrect use of your/you're, their/they're/there.

9. I have good posture, but I'm not sure how that happened. My mother never told me to sit up straight.

10. I used to hate olives. I forced myself to keep trying them occasionally, and finally, during one dinner with Lee last year, I all of a sudden loved them!

11. I ran the Honolulu Marathon. It took me 4 hours and 51 minutes.

12. I changed schools every two years when I was a kid because we moved so much (to different parts of the bay area). High school was my first four year experience.

13. I don't clench my jaw at night, but I do chomp my teeth. It's weird.

14. I sleep with my eyes half open.

15. I got my first pair of hard contact lenses at the age of 12. I have horrible vision. I practically came out of the womb wearing glasses; and on the big eye chart, I can't see the big "E" at the top.

16. I love having my hair brushed.

17. I hate selfish, self-centered, self-absorbed beings. I realize that's a bit redundant, but I feel strongly about that one.

18. I love ketchup.

19. I can put my fist in my mouth.

20. I have a hole in one. And, yes, it's truly legit; I have many witnesses. Golfers appreciate that one.

And now I'm tagging YOU. Leave a random fact or three. Share if you care.

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lee said...

okay, here goes (hahn, you already know most of these):
1) i don't like touching most food with my fingers. i wrap my sandwiches. i love lobster, but i never order it b/c i hate touching it.
2) i don't like the word "crusty". it gives me the heebee jeebies. there used to be this bakery in NY i passed every day on my way home from work called "Hot N' Crusty." ewww.
3) my favorite place in all of SF is the Palace of Fine Arts.
4) i get mad when i fall behind in reading my weekly New Yorker.
5) i've never had a cavity before. or braces. and i have all my wisdom teeth. so basically, dentists don't scare me. in fact, when i was a kid, i used to love it b/c Dr. Shyong always gave me stickers and toys.