Sunday, October 30

Black and orange dinner; Taer is like Jay-Z

Being sick SUCKS. After almost three days of just lying around on my couch in my pj's and watching a lot of movies and tv and Sex and the City dvds, I had major cabin fever and was starting to feel really sorry for myself. I had absolutely no energy, which was very unlike me, and I was so not on tour. I wanted to visit my parents to see how my mom was doing in person, but I wasn't up for even that. I really wished Taer were around to take care of me. Not very independent woman of me to admit that, but whatever.

I wanted him to sit with me and stroke my forehead and bring me tea. My friends were really sweet, and my roommates got soup for me and all that good stuff, but I couldn't ask them to baby me in the same way. I definitely didn't want them to get too close to me, because I would've felt awful if I got them sick too. But I wouldn't have had any qualms about asking Taer to risk being infected for me. That's love. Or maybe it's just me being selfish, but I would've done it for him. So that is love, right? I say yes.

Anyway, luckily Clommy hosted a black and orange dinner at their place last night in honor of Halloween, so I had an excuse to actually brush my hair and put on real clothes (including a bra) for the first time in ages. In the state I was in, coughing and scratchy-voiced, in my glasses and without a drop of makeup, I didn't need a Halloween costume. I could've scared a lot of kids... and adults. But last night, I finally had just enough umph in me to hang out at a dinner party. I was reminded again what it was like to live a civilized life, without cartons of take out and mountains of Kleenex; and it felt so good.

When we got to the door, we were greeted by Pixel, the scary bat.
Claude made a wonderful meal of mussels and a black squid ink pasta with shrimp. (Black and orange - get it?) She didn't like the way her pasta came out, so I didn't shoot that, but doesn't this look divine? They had to add a "kiddie" table to their dining table because there were so many of us.Where are the rest of the boys?Hanging in the kitchen, playing with...... the turtles.We didn't want the turtles because we love Pixel!Lis, the funny girl, thinks she's imitating me. I don't do that!
Alright, maybe I do do that. (Do do? Is that grammatically correct?)
Pixel's getting lots o lovin. He's the only one I would touch, since dogs don't get sick from humans. Oh, how I wish I could've fully savored this!
Pooped Pixel was ready to go home.
On my way back home, I tried to catch a picture of all the Halloween craziness at the Castro when I passed by, but this is all I got. Oh, well!
So why is Taer like Jay-Z? Because I'm like Beyonce, obviously! Ok, it actually has to do with his name. No one gets Taer's name right the first time. It's pronounced "Tay-Are," and he even used to hyphenate it: Tae-R. That's why he's like Jay-Z. That, and of course, the Beyonce thing. Kidding. While my body may not exactly be bootylicious, I sure am crazy in love. I realize the randomness of this story, but I don't care. Being sick and at home way too much has made me slightly delirious. And corny, too, apparently. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

By the way, Taer suggested I take Advil again, but this time it seemed like a reasonable request, so I was happy to oblige. Then he asked what he could do for me. I've got myself a keeper.

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