Friday, March 17

Where will we live?

I've been hearing the same questions from everyone lately:
"Do you have a date yet?"
"Where are you going to have the wedding?"
"Who's going to be the one to move?"

Well, we don't have the wedding stuff figured out because a lot of it depends on our families' ultimate reaction, which will hopefully be acceptance. I'd be terribly sad if we had a traditional wedding and my daddy didn't walk me down the aisle. (But we're working on that!) Taer just wants to elope, which is not my ideal either. I don't need a big, fancy ceremony, but I would like to at least invite our closest friends to a fun "party" with good food and wine... and maybe I'll even throw on a white dress or something. Just maybe.

One question I can answer is where we'll live - and that's in D.C.! It's really, really weird for me to think about leaving the place I've been my whole life. I am such a San Franciscan through and through; I'd even call myself a bit of a San Francisco snob. I'm proud of my home roots. I don't know how this California girl is going to deal with the east coast winters, but I'll be sure to allow myself some wardrobe supplementation when I get out there; that's for sure. A girl has needs, you know! And sometimes those needs are met by a man named Barney... or Marc. And, oh, there are others. Don't worry, Taer has already learned to get used to the other men in my life.

Details of my move will come, but in the meantime, I'm trying to figure out everything I need to do before I leave and all the people I have to see. A lot of my list also has to do with FOOD. I'd love to hear any suggestions.

This is all just so weird. I'm not going to wear green today so people will keep pinching me. Maybe that'll help the reality of it all sink in.

Or maybe I'll just end up with bruises.


Parisjasmal said...

ROFL about the Barney and Marc comment! My DH (dear husband) also is very familiar with the other men in my life. The one my husband deals with the most is Tom Ford. I love Tom Ford!

Have fun planning the wedding! I got married in Hawaii (the same place Matt LeBlanc got married-but we did it about 5 years before him). It was me, my husband, a violin player, our photographer and the beach. It was beautiful and I would not have had it any other way. We had the big party afterwards.
The only piece of advice I can give you is to just enjoy the whole process!

jennipah said...

parisjasmal - thanks for the advice! i will try my best, but i'll admit that it hasn't been easy to enjoy this bittersweet time. but i'm making the most of it all (by thinking of men like barney and marc)! tom ford is a good one too!!!

art - i hope you had a happy st. p-day too!