Tuesday, March 28

Because of JetBlue, "I do!"

I would like to take this moment to give a "shout out" or "big ups," if you will, to JetBlue Airways. JetBlue and my long distance relationship were "born" around the same time - approximately four years ago. (And why am I loving the quotation marks so much?) Taer and I have been apart the entire time, and we see each other once a month. All this traveling can get tiring and expensive, but JetBlue always makes our flying experience as good as it can be.

Getting my own personal satellite tv makes the time fly (har dee har) by. And we always get the best deal on JetBlue. We used to pay $99 each way in the beginning, and even now, we still never pay more than $300 total for a nonstop round-trip flight. Yes, I said nonstop! And with their rewards programs, we've earned oodles of free flights, which we've used especially happily during those expensive peak times.

Other airlines have skimped on food; and while JetBlue doesn't serve full meals either, their snacks are top quality, and you can usually ask for more than just one measly bag of pretzels. I like to get the Terra Blue Chips and cookies to satisfy both my salty and sweet cravings.

So JetBlue doesn't often fly to the main airports of big cities. I'm more than happy to travel to Oakland Airport rather than SFO for the Blue. That's where I picked up my fiance - I'd like to repeat that please: fiance - last night.

"JetBlue?" you ask?
I say, "I do."

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