Wednesday, March 15

Makeup on, lights on, contact lenses in

The girls took Tina to an early birthday dinner at Zuppa tonight. In honor of T, I say, "Yumster!" After a night of good food and good times with good friends, you would think that I'd be ready to crawl into bed for good sleep.

Instead, I'm lying on my sofa right now, snuggled up in one of the many blankets we keep in the living room, NOT sleeping. I find that I end up doing this way more often than I should. I don't know why I hate just going to bed like most normal people. I guess I'm not all that normal. It's like I'm a little kid; I just want to stay up and play as long as I possibly can. The thing is, there's are no human playmates in sight. It's just lil ole me, with a computer on my lap and TiVo on in the background. I love my electric playmates... and they're not the kind that girls normally enjoy.

On nights like these, I'll often find myself waking up at the oddest hours to a blank tv, with the room lights on, my unwashed makeup smudged, and my contact lenses dried onto my eyeballs. Pretty site, eh? Every so often, I'll even sleepwalk into my room at some point, and then I'll magically find myself in the aforementioned state in my bed.

When you take all of the above and add in me finding an empty bottle of [insert alcohol here] in my bag the next morning - well, that's just the beginning of a good blog entry!

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Art said...

Happy St. Patty's Day!! :-)