Sunday, March 19

Cheese and dressing favorites: from SF to DC

I made a couple of exciting discoveries this weekend. One piece of happy news is that Cowgirl Creamery is opening a store in Washington, D.C. really soon - this spring, according to their website! Yay! Anyone who is not familiar with Cowgirl's cheeses should simply swing by the Ferry Building.

One of my favorite Saturday activities is to visit the farmer's market at the Ferry Building. One of my favorite places in San Francisco is the Ferry Building (even on a non-Saturday). One of my favorite places to go for a run is along the water... by the Ferry Building. Oh, I do love the Ferry Building so!

If the Ferry Building were a man, I would have a passionate love affair with him. I would call him "Fer-dah-leeng" and wouldn't even care that so many others loved him too. Fer-dah-leeng, in all his wondrous gastronomic glory, is absolutely meant to be shared. Fabulous Fer-dah-leeng!

I will miss the Ferry Building terribly and would love to find a clone magically recreated in D.C. by the time I move there. Since that is pretty much impossible, I'll be quite happy with the pending "birth" of this lone Cowgirl instead.

Also this weekend, I was introduced to Pietro's Sesame & Miso Dressing. A salad dressing discovery might not sound all that thrilling, but you don't understand. It's more than just a dressing. In fact, it's even more than the marinade which it also claims it can be.

The Pietro was not meant to be confined to my lettuce. I wanted to drink it. I savored it as much as I would a fine wine. Yes, it really is that good! It was the perfect blend of salty, sweet, and spicy. It was liquid delight in a bottle.

My friend got his in San Francisco's Japantown, but the best news is that I can also find this delight out east too! The food in S.F. is generally better than the food in D.C. However, if I can pour this stuff on everything, it'll all taste amazing. I'd use this on tofu, meats, Cowgirl cheeses...

OK, I won't really use Pietro dressing on cheese. Or ice cream. But everything else is fair game!

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JYW said...

have you been to the angelo pietro restaurant in Honolulu? it's very good. kinda noodle/diner style. thanks for the tip on the salad dressing. I will look for it next time I am in J-town.