Tuesday, March 28

How we met

My life was at a low point. I hated my job, one which made me lose weight from stress and didn't give me enough free time to even use the restroom. I was fighting with my family. I didn't want my friends to have to deal with the miserable version of me, so I was keeping my distance from them too.

And that's when I got the email from Yun. She was a Maryland friend from my summer in Korea during college. We kept in touch sporadically, via Christmas cards and birthday calls. Yun's friend, Taer (pronounced "Tay-Are"), was coming to San Francisco for work, so would I mind showing him around a bit?

Usually, I would have been more than happy to play hostess to my friend's friend and show off my lovely city. At that point, I wasn't looking forward to trying to be Miss Mary Sunshine with someone I didn't know or care about. I sent a late reply, which Taer didn't see, so when I didn't hear from him, I thought I was off the hook.

Until my phone rang Saturday afternoon. "Hi, is this Jenn? I'm Yun's friend..."

Taer was hanging out with John, the one person he knew in the area. I reluctantly made plans to meet with them for drinks later in the night. I really wasn't in the mood, but I didn't want to be rude. Little did I know that Taer had thoughts of setting me up with John...

(to be continued)

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