Monday, March 6

Watch me on tv this Sunday

I'm still floating... but I have to share yet again that my appearance on The Look for Less is airing this Sunday, March 12th. I don't mean to keep repeating this, but I'm pretty excited about it. It's on the Style Network at 8pm.

It's my 15 minutes of fame - literally! The 30-minute show is split into two guests per episode. (With commercials, I think that makes more like 12 minutes of fame, but who's counting?) I'll be the first one on #604, but you won't see my name on the schedule listing.

Apparently "Tiffany is celebrating her 30th birthday at the Art Academy" sounds more exciting and sexy than "Jennifer is taking a family portrait at the Palace of Fine Arts." Oh, well.


Parisjasmal said...

ARGH...I have satellite TV and I do not get the style channel--which is ironic since I am QUITE STYLISH COMCAST CABLE --DO YOU HEAR ME??!!

Library Gang said...

Okay. So we had to find out from a third party! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

The Library Gang

Anonymous said...

what channel is style network?

how fun!


jennipah said...

You're all too sweet and funny. In San Francisco, I think the channel is 183. You can only watch it if you have cable, not satellite (like parisjasmal pointed out). It's related to E! You might be able to find it in local listings? Sorry I'm not more helpful... :) Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!