Sunday, March 12

Watching myself on tv is the weirdest thing

Sindy and John graciously hosted a viewing party for the first airing of my appearance on The Look for Less on the Style Network. I got a bit of a sneak peek when Camilla, who got to watch the show first on Eastern time, called me from New York promptly at 5:20 p.m. Pacific time.

"It's so weird to watch you on tv!" The girl just couldn't stop laughing! She actually rewound her TiVo while she was on the phone with me and provided commentary through her giggles, "There you go, running up the escalator again!" "Your mom is so funny!" "I love your runway walk!"

I quickly scanned through my memory of all the hours of taping, trying to figure out which part she was talking about. I had to know: Did I looked lame? Did I come across as just a materialistic shopper? Did I look fat?

She assured me that I looked fine, just like myself, and that, if anything, I may have come across as a mommy's girl. That was ok by me. As Camil laughed her goodbye to me, she told me that she would never erase this from her TiVo, and that she could watch it over and over and continue to be entertained. I didn't know whether or not that was a good thing...

A few hours later in San Francisco, a dozen of my friends cheered with me as the opening music began. It was the oddest thing to watch an image of a girl who looked like me and was wearing my clothes on the small screen. Is that what I look like? Are those the kind of mannerisms I have? Is that how I walk? Is that how I talk? Does my mouth really do that lip thing? Is my voice really that deep?

It was all just so weird!

And it was all just so fun! Needless to say, all of us couldn’t stop laughing also. I was especially entertained/horrified when they showed my slo-mo strut next to a split screen of the actual model’s slo-mo runway walk. Did they really stick me next to a model? Do I really bounce that much? I didn’t mean to walk that way! I guess I’ve got a natural springy strut – and I’ll keep on struttin!

Anyway, I really can’t do the show justice with mere words. I’ll try to get something uploaded for non-Style Network subscribers to watch.

Some questions that were asked of me after the airing included:

Did you really get to keep the clothes?
Yes. I have them at home.

Will you wear them for us next time?
I don’t think so… but you can probably actually convince me to if you ask really nicely.

Did they do your hair and makeup?
Only for the last part, where I was “revealed” to my family. I had on quite a bit of makeup, but I guess that’s what’s needed for the camera. And my mom was truly as happy as she seemed.

When will we get to watch you on something again?
I don't know, but I do hope it's soon!


cc said...

Supermodel! You're too sexy for the catwalk... too sexy by far!

I'm still cracking up... but come on, didn't T laugh alot too?!?


Anonymous said...

hey, we don't get style network! I was so bummed last night. anyone have a tape recording of it? :(

jennipah said...

yes, we all laughed A LOT! everyone is allowed to laugh. it's quite amusing!

i did tape it and have been promised a dvd copy from the network. so if anyone local wants to watch it, shoot me an email and we'll set something up!

JYW said...

it would be fun to watch the show. I don't get Style Network either. does Style Network sell DVDs of the individual episodes?