Tuesday, March 14

What celebrities do you look like?

There's just so much to think about, I feel like my head is going to explode. All that will be left of me will be a living room full of hair. A LOT of Mufasa hair.

So I'm going to take a mini break from the serious stuff and share a fun new source of entertainment:

MyHeritage will take any photo you upload and run it through their face recognition technology. You will then be told which celebrities you resemble. Not exactly life-changing, but it's kinda amusing.

Here are a few names which came up for me:
Lucy Liu - I'm guessing that any Asian female will get this as a match.
Nicole Richie - Uh, sure... just add 30 lbs. to her.
Hilary Duff - Is it the cheeks?
Naomi Watts - Another blonde? I guess this doesn't take hair color into account.
Uhm Jung-Hwa - I actually heard that I resembled this singer/actress many times when I was in Korea. I don't know whether or not I agree, but a girl can hope.
Jessica Alba - I didn't make this up, I swear! Heck, if I really did look like Jessica, I'd just sit around and stare at myself all day long.

Have fun - and let me know what names you get!


laura said...

I got Victoria Principal, Marcia Cross, Sarah Ferguson and Shirley McLaine. Somewhere further down the list was Rutger Hauer which I think is pretty funny!!

laura said...

This is even better! I chose a side view photo and got Katie Holmes, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears and Jessica Alba. Yeah right!!

Can you tell I'm not in the mood to work right now ;)

jennipah said...

Isn't it fun? I've gotten other random ones too. You can just keep loading picture after picture... it'll even pick up several people in one photo! I'm easily entertained.

Parisjasmal said...

I have not played the game yet, but I look A LOT like Meryl Streep, Madonna, Giada di Laurentiis, Jo Dee Messina and Debra Messing.

That is what I think,or that is what people tell me. Now I will play the game and see what it says.

Parisjasmal said...

Ok...so I just played the game, and the first picture I downloaded of me, I was wearing sunglasses and the stupid game said I looked like RINGO STARR!!!! along with Madeline Stowe, Tom Cruise, and Elija Wood--What the heck?

The second picture was of me with no sunglasses and it said I look like Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Shannon Elizabeth, Eva Longoria, Rachel Leigh Cook, and Martine Navratilova.

That is hilarious! Ringo Starr!