Monday, February 20

Ten: A new (Korean-style) Japanese restaurant

I have had two yummy meals at Ten so far, a new Japanese restaurant in the Sunset. I can't seem to find any other information about it online, and I don't know the exact address. However, it's on Irving, between 6th and 7th (across the street from Hahn's Hibachi). You can't miss the red sign and hipster vibe in this less-than-hipster 'hood.

Along with the typical sushi and udon menu items, I also found Korean-inspired dishes, so I knew the place had to be Korean owned. Every once in a while, I'll come across a Korean-Chinese place or a Korean-Japanese place. If you see something like "ja jang myun" (black bean noodles) or "jam pong" (spicy seafood noodle soup) on the menu, you've probably found one of these Koreanish restaurants too.

At Ten - and by the way, Tina said the Chinese character actually said "Tien" - I noticed both "jam pong" and "hwe dub bap," which is what I ordered. Hwe dub bap is similar to chirashi, which is sashimi over sushi rice. Add a salad of greens, and mix in some red pepper paste/sauce, and you've got yourself some hwe dup bap!

T noticed that there was "deluxe chirashi," which was different from the regular chirashi. As she asked about that, she realized she could order one of her fave dishes from her days of living in L.A. She used to get different types of tobiko and other eggs over sushi rice, and she could never seem to find it outside of Koreatown in Los Angeles. Well, that's no longer the case - she had "al bap" at Ten; and this won't be her last order for sure.

If you appreciate beer or sake with your Japanese meal, try the soju at Ten. Soju is a Korean rice wine, and Ten offers different flavors. Both the strawberry and peach were yum!

It's only been a couple days, but I'm already craving more Ten. This is an appropriate name for a delicious Korean-Japanese restaurant. If I were a judge for some kind of restaurant Olympics, Ten would get... well, I'll let you guess.

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