Wednesday, February 22

February is the least common month for birthdays

I wished five of my friends many happy returns over the past week. Ok, I didn't actually say, "Many happy returns." I actually called and sang "Happy Birthday" in my best Marilyn Monroe voice, or I sent the funniest e-card I could find.

Anyway, I feel like there's a definite date of birth trend. One "birthday season" happens now, and there's another wave in the fall. Even among my Craigslist-found roommates, two have birthdays in March, with us other two in September.

According to Hallmark, August is the top month for birthdays, which follows my theory. However, February is last, which ruins my highly scientific made-up-in-my-head study. Here are the rest of the rankings and percentages:
  1. August - 9.07%
  2. July - 8.80
  3. September - 8.62
  4. October - 8.60
  5. March - 8.51
  6. May 8.30
  7. January - 8.25
  8. June - 8.15
  9. April - 8.12
  10. December - 8.07
  11. November - 7.96
  12. February - 7.55

(I wonder how much it matters that February has the least number of days.) Supposedly, the most common birthday for Americans is October 5, about nine months after New Year's Eve. So maybe it all has to do with celebrating and keeping warm during the cold winter?

My birthday's in September..... and I'd really rather not think about my parents keeping each other warm in January. Ew. Sorry I brought that up. Ew!

This article talks about seasonal patterns being related to weather in a different way, that "warm weather may affect semen quality." So you boys better keep your "boys" cool. Yet another reason to get rid of tighty whiteys and Speedos. As if we needed one.


Art said...

LOL...and I have the least common day! Feb. 29th! ;-)

jennipah said...

I have one other 2/29 friend! :) I wonder: on "other" years, do you prefer to celebrate 2/28 or 3/1???

Art said...

I usually celebrate on the 28th!

sam95 said...

thank u so much for this semimental info. for some odd reasons id been interesting in people birthdays including remembering birthdays.:)