Thursday, February 9

Adam Carolla is racist

I finally got through all my email, and I found something that needs attention. I can take a joke and am not easily offended, but this just isn't funny. It's wrong. Here's my "forward." I'm writing, and I hope you do too. [Thanks, Margie!]:

This is a clip of Adam Carolla on his CBS radio show talking about the Asian Excellence Awards. It clearly is offensive, stupid, demeaning and not very funny at all. Please send this to your friends.

and if the link is blocked for you, then you can download the clip here:

or here:

Here is a rough transcript of the radio show:
....also we were talking earlier today, non-sports related...competition nontheless. They handed out a few days ago the Asian Excellence Awards. I know it sounds like a joke but it's real. They handed out for movies, acting, and television. That was Sunday night. Right. Now play anotherclip. It was a pretty exciting moment in the broadcast. Actually it isn't going to be broadcast until this weekend, but I have some tape on it. But play best male actor in a TV show. For the next 45 seconds, all you hear is "Ching chong, ching chong, ching chong." It is done without accent and I believe it is done in male and female voices.

Please write a letter to Rob Barnett, the President of Programming if you do care about this. It's unacceptable that this racist/ignorant crap is on national radio, under CBS no less. If you're not going to do anything, that's fine... but please forward it to any friends that you think would do something.

CBS Radio
Attn: Rob Barnett
1515 Broadway, 46th Floor
New York, NY 10036

I tried a bunch of different email combinations, and I think I figured it out: (this one didn't bounce back).

I've written to Rob Barnett several times with no response, so I'm guessing that those of you who have written haven't gotten a response either. Brian just sent out some new information on who to send your letters to...please forward your original letters to the contacts below and check out this link ( when you have a second.

Joel Hollander
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CBS Radio
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Dana L. McClintock
Senior Vice President, CBS Communications Group
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Thanks for caring...


Anonymous said...

C'mon, Jennipah. It wasn't that bad. Even you mock how your name sounds in Korean. It's done in the context of comedy, and should be taken lightly.

Parisjasmal said...

I count Adam Corolla like Howard Stern, or Jimmy Kimmel. They have their certain group of people that they gear their show towards. I agree it is offensive, and CBS should not back a show like that. However, Adam Corolla is like a stupid frat boy who never grew up. I really expect nothing less from him than the jokes he tells--dumb, ignorant jokes.
Nothing he has to say matters to most people. I do not really think Adam Corolla is a racist, I just think he is ignorant, and willing to do any kind of "humor' for a buck--even if most people do not find it "humorous" in the least.

And on another note--your trip to Chile sounds amazing!