Friday, February 17

Someone from New York Magazine took a peek

I can tell who's looking at my blog.

Well, I can't tell exactly who's looking. I won't know if "John Disgusting Pervert Doe" is reading about my life, but both StatCounter and SiteMeter give me information like what's in the image below. I can usually see either ISPs or company names and specific cities. And I can tell which pages people are viewing.Someone from New York Magazine searched "New York Magazine" on Technorati, and they found yesterday's post. I guess it wasn't interesting enough for them to read any more of my blog. Darn! Maybe I should've been wittier or snarkier or more something-ier? I'm so close to finding fame! HA.

It's interesting to see, isn't it? Lee loves analyzing this information with me. I'm not trying to play big brother or anything, but I am intrigued and flattered to see that I have a decent number of daily readers, more than the handful of the friends who've told me they have me bookmarked. Who are the rest of you?

People have found me using some interesting searches in the past:
"Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely"
"Who's viewed me on Friendster"
"Chile trekking"
"Asian massage" - yuck! Don't even ask. It links to my post talking about yellow fever.

Anyway, yet another blog post about blogging. I'll get back to the usual stuff next time. Gotta love the fact that it's a Friday!


Meryl said...

One day you`ll be bloglebrity

jennipah said...

thanks for the vote of confidence, meryl! highly doubtful, but i'll keep on blogging nonetheless.