Saturday, February 25

I Yelp about food and wine and other divine delights

A friend mentioned that I should have my blog posts categorized. She was particularly interested in re-reading my musings on local restaurants. Well, I'm sorry to say that I don't know how to do that on Blogger/Blogspot, but I decided instead to re-post those thoughts on Yelp.

I even got a little nuts and wrote new ones. Because I'm passionate about food. And wine. And I'm very opinionated, and I love to write. So, there.

It's a great way to read about what other real people out there think. Someone already corrected me and let me know that I enjoy Parisian macarons, not macaroons, at Miette in the Ferry Building. Whatever they are, I sure do love 'em!

I'll keep a permanent link over there, on the right. (As if you don't get enough of me already.)

Did I mention that I really, really love food?

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