Thursday, December 29

How to put your fist in your mouth - my first video post

This is my first video post on my blog. I thought long and hard about what I might be able to post via video that would be of any interest to anyone, and this is what I came up with... click on the image to play. Let me know if you can do it!


The strange spanish said...

you rulez, fist-girl.

Parisjasmal said...

My goodness you must have TINY hands. Trying to do this I have lost 2 fingernails and chipped a tooth! YIKES~!

Anonymous said...

so Nate has size 16 for his feet,
Ever tried to stick feet in mouth?
or anything else very big (or small?
just kidding,
You are a cutie!
I see now that Nate is very happy with You!

a jalouse Hanky from The Netherlands.

jason said...

i tried doing this once...i almost threw up.

ckc said...

one of jennipah's many talents that should not attempt to be duplicated. oh - you should totally go on Letterman's Stupid Human Tricks segment!