Monday, December 12

Don't make assumptions

The concepts are simple, but they're not exactly easy to follow.
  1. Speak with integrity.
  2. Don't make assumptions.
  3. Try your best.
The Rabbi at Annie and Mike's wedding gave this advice and then told a story about a newlywed man who arrived home one day and happily told his wife, "Honey, I'm taking you out to dinner."

The wife's response was, "Why? Are you sick of my cooking already?"

When Taer and I argue, misunderstandings seem to be at the heart of the problem. Assuming anything less than the best of intentions, rather than giving one another the benefit of the doubt, is the worst thing we can do to each other. Even when I'm being extra emotional - like once a month or so - I try to keep in mind that Taer's heart is almost always in the right place. If what's in his heart spills out of his mouth and translates into my ears differently, then I take a deep breath and try to assume the best.

I rarely fight with Taer, especially in person. I spent the weekend doing absolutely nothing with my boy (no weddings, no birthdays, especially no fighting), and I loved every minute of it. Sometimes a whole lot of one-on-one nothing is better than anything else out there.

Here are some more pics of the boys being silly... and dirty. Ew.

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