Monday, December 26

Dane Cook and Sudoku are "SUperFInger" fun

I had myself a nerdy little Christmas. For the past couple days, I've been playing Sudoku nonstop. It's a number puzzle where you fill in the missing squares of nine 3x3 grids, each containing numbers 1-9; and each row and column also consists of 1-9.

I won't out which of my friends turned me on to my newest geek obsession, but I will admit that I'm totally hooked. I sat around with these friends and played Sudoku games which we printed out from for hours. And then I played again with my cousins and brother yesterday. We're all such nerds. And I love it!

(I've been playing online a bit too, but I'm always tempted to cheat with this version.) I'm warning you - it's addictive!

My other current obsession is comedian Dane Cook. We were playing his videos and audio in the background during our Sudoku tournaments.

I was first introduced to Dane when he hosted Saturday Night Live a few weeks back. (Click the link to watch his monologue.) At first I thought, "Who the heck is this guy?" And then he told a story about catapulting a cashew off his penis and into his mouth, and I was in love. (According to him, you can't use a peanut because it doesn't contour to the tip.)

It's impossible for me to really relay how hilarious he is. You'll have to see and hear it for yourself. His newest album, Retaliation, reached the top five on the Billboard charts, which hasn't been done since Steve Martin in 1978. I think his physical energy comes through better via video. He has plenty of those on his own site, and also has good ones.

One thing we haven't been able to stop doing is his rock 'n' roll quotes. He gave permission to "use it 'cause I know you're gonna steal it anyway." He's so right. I rock 'n' roll quotes heart Dane Cook!


Parisjasmal said...

Hey Jennipah--

Great post---I love Dane Cook. LOVE him!

Have a great day and a Happy New Year. Do you and T have any fabulous plans?

Laura said...

I love Dane Cook too! I first saw him on a Comedy Central special a few years ago. He was running around stage taking his clotthes off and screaming. He's SO hilarious! Thanks for sharing how to find more info on him ;)

chenja said...

Sudoku rocks! So does So who were these geek friends who introduced you to sudoku? :P