Sunday, December 18

D-D-N ringtones

When my phone plays Beyonce's "Crazy In Love," my booty starts shaking, and I know Taer's waiting for me on the other end of the line. I'm alerted to a call from my parents by the theme song from "Mission Impossible." For a non-identified caller, the default ring is not a regular tone; it's Salt 'N Pepa's "Push It," with a picture of Cookie Monster flashing across the screen.

People always ask where I get all my ringtones, so I thought I'd share

They have a lot of good rings, and you can download an unlimited number for only $2.00 a month. I just got an email saying that D-D-N will be raising their prices in 2006, so start downloading soon.

Also, for a whole year of usage, here's a discount code they sent:
Enter: HHFDDN in the box and click continue.
You will notice the ONE YEAR price is now $10.00.

You, too, can start dancing when your phone rings. Sometimes I get so caught up in getting my ring groove on, I almost forget to answer the call.

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