Tuesday, January 3

Holiday text messaging

I can't believe it's really 2006. I sometimes still feel like a kid who's stuck in the 80's. Prince's partying promises of 1999 seemed like they would never actually arrive. Weren't we supposed to be riding around in flying cars a la the Jetsons by the year 2000? (I'm quite happy with hybrids on the ground, personally.)

I realize we truly are in a new era. This is the first holiday season I received a lot of Christmas and New Year text message wishes. A lot. Did this happen to anyone else?

If I missed sending out cards via snail mail in the past, I relied on phone calls (and later in my digital life, e-cards). Nowadays, when I pick up my phone, I'm most likely getting ready to send a text message or take a photo or check the Internet. Does anyone use their cell phone to actually, ahem, call people anymore?

Anyway whatever works to keep my in touch with my loved ones makes me happy. Text messaging, emailing, friendstering, calling, smoke signaling, whatever. All the best in the new year, y'all!

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