Tuesday, December 6

How to find a human when calling customer service

No one seems to talk person to person anymore. Everything's automated or computerized. The "kids" nowadays sit around on their computer every minute they're home with several "chat" sessions open, rather than spending hours on the phone like the teenagers of my generation. Am I old? I dunno, but I like talking to live humans, myself. Apparently, I'm not alone.

Lis sent this great page, http://paulenglish.com/ivr/, which gives instructions on finding these live humans who amazingly still exist when we call those darn customer service numbers. I copied a couple examples here, but it's much easier to read from the site itself. And if you do prefer those computerized voices, then you can just ignore this.

TELCO: phone, steps to find a human
AT&T Wireless 800-888-7600 No easy escape
Cingular 800-331-0500 For faster service, the option that you are looking to close your account, You get the same ppl but an immediate answer
Nextel 800-639-6111 0 five times
Sprint PCS 888-788-5001 "If live person does not answer, 00, then say ""agent"""
T-Mobile 800-TMOBILE "Say ""representative"" at any time."
Verizon Wireless 800-922-0204 #00 or enter phone # then 0 then 4

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