Thursday, December 15

Steal of the Century jeans

Taer and I did a whole lot of nothing over the weekend, but I consider shopping to live within this category of "nothing." (I'm lucky I've snagged myself a man who appreciates the offerings of the retail world out there.)

Barney's Co-op just opened its doors in D.C. - yay! - and there's always been a handy dandy Barney's outlet within a reasonable driving distance also. We hit both.

During our visit to the outlet, I noticed some Diesel jeans in a sale pile, but the price wasn't marked. I took a load of cashmere and denim into the dressing room with me. The Diesel pair had a higher waist than I was used to, and the legs were also straight and slim instead of bootcut. This seemed to be the new direction of the denim trend, so I was happy to go along with that. Also, they were the right length, which never happens nowadays, so I was definitely ready to take it if the price was right.

I approached the register triumphantly, with my goodies in hand. "How much are these jeans?"

The salesperson scanned and announced, "$19.00"

My eyes were the size of plates. Tina and I have a couple shopping phrases we've created. "Steal of the Century" means you're getting a really and truly deal. It's so amazing, you practically feel like you're stealing. "Shopper's Surprise" happens when you think you're going to pay a certain price for an item, and when you get rung up - surprise! - it's even less expensive than the amount you were willing to shell out.

This was BOTH. That's the BEST.

"Why are they so cheap?"

"They're a discontinued style, the Fanker."

The Fanker?!?? I couldn't believe it. Diesel's Fanker is what we were all wearing back in college. Back then, I could've sworn the waist was super low, and the legs were practically bellbottoms. Could this really be? I guess it could; and it was.

I must've really gotten used to the shrinking zipper and growing flare of the jeans over the years. I tried on my new pair again, and I swear the zipper is a mile long, and I'm zipping for something like an hour. I feel like I'm starting at my knees and going all the way to my neck. And is what was in then really back again? Have I already lived through a cycle of fashion? Or am I looking dated without knowing it?

Someone better tell me if I look like I'm stuck in the 80's.

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ryan said...

I wore them in college as well...great find! I'm looking for some for myself! (but it's odd, they don't sound like Fankers...)