Sunday, December 4

Good on Paper, good at ReadyMade; Kirstin's Semi-Surprise

Good on Paper was a huge hit on Friday at ReadyMade's Winter Ball!Cards, little books, coasters, and more... G was a very helpful helper by asking everyone who passed, "Would you care for a free pin?" He was pretty much head of PR for the night - everyone who was anyone had a Good on Paper pin. Our friend, Kelly, (of Relish at Home fame) was also there with her adorable hand-made tissue holders.
Yay for Lis! (Clommy was also out to support, and G was taking this photo. Didn't want to leave them out just because their pics weren't posted.)Saturday night, I rushed over to Kirstin's surprise birthday party. I think she was only semi-surprised, but it was still a good time. More than half my photos were of these two, little partygoers. TOO CUTE!!!
Happy birthday, Kirstin! This pic makes me laugh. Kirstin was helping me show off my "Look for Less," and we didn't discuss that we would both do this with our faces. I think that's what automatically happens when you both wear all black.
Will post about my filming experience later. I think I'm gonna go for a run since the weather finally cleared up after all that storming.

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lisa said...

Happy Birthday Kirsten! And thanks Jenn for coming out to support me. It would not have been as fun without you and the girls.